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How to turn on the device?

After pressing the power button for at least 5 seconds, the tablet will turn on. Otherwise, try connecting to a power outlet to charge it.

How to activate kiosk mode?

How to exit kiosk mode?

How to connect to Wi-Fi after exiting kiosk mode?

What to do if the tablet is frozen/crashed?

After pressing the power button for at least 5 seconds, press the "reboot" icon.

What to do if the Kiosk isn't connecting to the card reader?

There are four possibilities as to why this is happening.

1、The card reader isn't turned on. Please try pressing the power button on the card reader and try again.

2、The card reader might need to ne updated. If it says "updating" while connecting, then please wait 5-6 minutes until the card reader finishes its update.

3、The card reader might be low on battery. Please charge it.

4、The card reader might not be paired yet through settings, please fix it by following the steps below:

Step one: return to desktop by pressing the hidden button and entering the exit password.


​Step two: find the card reader and pair it in settings > Bluetooth.


​Step three: reactivate the Kiosk mode.


What to do if the Kiosk connected to the wrong card reader?

Please restart the app and reconnect to the right card reader.


How to log into Sunmi account?

Login either with password or verification code.

How to reinstall the system and the app if Sunmi's server is outdated?

  • Step one: Reset Sunmi to the default settings.

  • Step two: redownload the app.

Getting Started

What is the password?

  • Manager portal (Web) default password: 83817271

  • Sunmi (App) default password: 384234

  • If you changed the password and forgot it, please contact customer service to have it reset. 

How to create a Stripe account?

1、Please use the link below to create a Stripe account. Fill in your email (and make sure to activate your account through email), phone number, password, and verification code:


2、Fill in the business details

  • Please fill out all of the informaiton below:

  • For some of the information, please make sure to follow the specific instructions below:

How to create a Nihao account?

1、For your convenience, please have all the materials ready that's required to register for a Nihao Pay account:

Business Registration

  • Your current business registration in JPEG, JPG, PNG, or PDF format. (Max file size is 5MB)


Photo ID (Ultimate Beneficial Owner)

  • Your current government-issued photo ID in JPEG, JPG, PNG, or PDF format. (Max file size is 5MB)


Photo ID (Company Director)

  • Your current government-issued photo ID in JPEG, JPG, PNG, or PDF format. (Max file size is 5MB)


Proof of Bank Account

  • Your most recent bank statement or a copy of the voided check in JPEG, JPG, PNG, or PDF format. (Max file size is 5MB)

2、Please use this link to create your Nihao Pay account:


进行查账和对账 through Stripe and Muncho's manager portal's finance management.

The ordering time on Muncho is in PST time, while the ordering time on Stripe is UTC time. There is an eight hour difference.

For example:

The time displayed on Muncho manager portal: Dec 28, 2021, 2:01 PM (PST = UTC - 08:00)

The same time displayed on Stripe: Dec 29,2021, 12:01 AM (UTC)

How to make sure that the Muncho collected fee is correct/accurate?

The business's net income for each order is detailed on the Muncho manager portal, and is available to be checked anytime.

If you need to compare the bill on Muncho with the bill on Stripe, then you need to change the PST time on Muncho into UTC time (which is used by Stripe), and then do the comparison, for more details, see above.

Why does the data extraction on Stripe appear to be so high?

This is because the fee shown on Stripe includes service fees collected directly from the customers by Muncho, which is not shown on the manager portal (for the ease of calculation), so the fees on Stripe appears higher than they actually are,

How to take appealing pictures for your product?

  • Step 1: purchase a still life box.

  • Step 2: having a fixed shooting camera increases the quality.

How to Manage/Edit Menu(s) internally

1、Managing Menu Based on Different Time Slots

2、Managing Options

3、Managing Add-On's (i.e. Toppings)

4、List of Items

  • Adding a Category

  • Adding an Item

Step 1: Click on "Create New Item"

Step 2: Fill in Item Information and Save.

We explained some of the more complicated options in details:

Batch Operation

​Sunmi 如何登陆商家账号?
如何创建Nihao Pay账号?
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