Kiosk Related Queries

How do I turn on the Kiosk tablet?

To turn on the device, press and hold the power button for at least 5 seconds.

Otherwise, try connecting to a power outlet to charge it.
Tablet still won't turn on? Contact Muncho support.

How do I lock the tablet so customers don't see home page and settings?

How do I exit the Kiosk mode?

How to connect the tablet to Wi-Fi ?

​What to do if the Kiosk tablet crashes/freezes?

After pressing the power button for at least 5 seconds, press the "reboot" icon.

What to do if the Kiosk isn't connecting to the card reader?

There are four possibilities as to why this might happen:

1. The card reader isn't turned on. Please try pressing the power button on the card reader and try again.

2. The card reader might need to be updated. If it says "updating" while connecting, then please wait 5-6 minutes until the card reader finishes its update.

3. The card reader might be low on battery. Please plug it into charging. 

4. The card reader might not be paired to the device. To pair it, please follow the steps below:

Step one: return to the desktop homepage by pressing the hidden button and entering the admin password.


​Step two: Click on Settings > Bluetooth and find the card reader


​Step three: reactivate the Kiosk mode.


What to do if the Kiosk connected to the wrong card reader?

Please restart the app and reconnect to the right card reader.