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Muncho Kiosk
A Self Ordering System

All-In-One Kiosk

Revolutionize upsell through data. Make bigger and smarter sales while saving labor training time and costs. 

The Ultimate User Experience

Beautifully designed, efficient, intuitive, and clean for both customers and employees. Custom display for your shop allows guests to browse the menu intuitively while showing off your best dishes.

Muncho's kiosk tablet screen. Customers can customize their orders independently

Amplified Savings

Significantly improve the efficiency of the staff in the store, effectively reduce customer wait-time by more than 70%, provide better services with less labor cost, and get the best returns on every penny spent. On average, Muncho partners save $7000/month in labor and other operating costs.

Increased Sales

Our smart recommendation system, specially customized for each of our partners, recommends dishes that customers might be most likely to purchase at checkout and increase sales. At the same time, our default tipping options increase the size of tips.

Earn more tips with Muncho's kiosk tablets for boba shops
Muncho Reward Points earned on every order through the Muncho app or kiosk

Customizable Rewards Program

Easily track and motivate customer consumption habits. Implement tailored promotions to keep new customers coming back, convert old customers to frequent ones, and encourage loyal customers to place larger orders.

How It Works

Muncho table or counter kiosk tablets.
Muncho order receiving tablet for boba shops
Boba shop preparing the order received through Muncho kiosk
Customer picking up order after using Muncho kiosk

Place Order

Receive Order

Prepare Order


How it works


Whether you're a boba shop, a fast-food joint,  or a traditional restaurant, we have tailored solutions to best match your needs.

21 Inch All-in-one Kiosk


21 Inch All-in-one Kiosk

Tablet with Table Stand

Table Kiosk

Order Number Announcer

Tablet with Table Stand

Table Kiosk

Order Number Announcer


Muncho is more than a kiosk...

Integrate Leading Delivery Platforms

Orders made on Doordash/ UberEats/ Grubhub are integrated directly to Muncho. Reduce errors and chaos, no more juggling multiple tablets. 

Contactless Ordering

Worried about the labor costs? Our self ordering system let's you operate contactlessly while saving labor costs! The dynamic QR code ordering decreases wait-time and labor cost.

Custom Website and App

We help businesses create their website and mobile applications to acquire new customers and increase footfall. 

Customer Loyalty Rewards

We provide an all-in-one rewards program that combines special deals, coupons, and discount campaigns. 

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Kiosk Models




Base Model

11' Table Stand Kiosk

11' Floor Stand Kiosk

Take orders

Take orders

Accept payments  (credit card, debit card, WeChat Pay/Alipay)

Accept payments   (credit card, debit card, WeChat Pay/Alipay)

table stand_3x.png
floor stand_3x.png


21' Floor Stand Kiosk

Take orders

Accept payments (credit card, debit card, WeChat Pay/Alipay)

Print receipt 


Additional Products


Muncho machine

Receipt printer (2 1⁄4")

Muncho machine_3x.png
Receipt printer_3x.png

Receipt printer (‎3 3⁄8")


Label printer

Label printer_3x.png



Our Partners

Customer Stories

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(literally pay us after a week!)

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