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Zero Commission

Online Order


Empowering Local Restaurants To Thrive

Muncho kiosk ordering system

All in one Kiosk, QR code, online ordering

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Muncho is much more than online ordering...

Pickup and Delivery

Customers get to choose. We offer both pick-up and delivery services. 

Contactless Order and Dine-in

Worried about the pandemic? Go Contactless! The dynamic QR code ordering decreases contact risk and wait-time.

Multi-Payment Method 

A combination of Apple Pay, Google Pay, Traditional Card Pay, Alipay, and WeChat Pay allows customers to use their preferred payment platform. 

Data and Customer Segmentation

We use data-driven marketing to understand customer preferences and provide the best user experience. 

Custom Website and App

We help businesses create their website and mobile applications to acquire new customers and increase footfall. 

Managing Multiple Location

With our master managing system, you can manage your businesses at different locations, update your menu, limit orders, and much more!

Future Trend

Data drives business. We can help you identify your loyal customers, gain actionable insights on new strategies, and much more!


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How much does Muncho cost?

The basic pricing for online ordering is $32 monthly per location. Card transaction fees may differ by card type, and additional fees will apply with additional products and services. Learn More

How do I sign-up?

Click Sign Up to go to the setting-up page. The page will ask you for some basic information about your business. After receiving the information, our team will contact you.

How long is the process?

It only takes a few minutes to put down the information. The entire process takes about 3-5 business depending on the menu's complexity and services requested.


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