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  • Ayana Sumner

How to lower restaurant labor costs in 2022

In 2022, 21 states increased their minimum wages. This, along with the ever-changing COVID protocols over the last two years has made running a

restaurant more challenging than ever. However, restaurants are always in demand, so as long as you use your resources wisely, you still have a chance to prosper. Read on to learn how to maximize your restaurant’s profitability while keeping your staff’s needs a priority.

Optimize Staff Scheduling

One thing you can incorporate immediately is a more efficient schedule. Scheduling is something that should be optimized at every turn. Try to make changes as soon as you realize they are necessary. You can be ready to pivot at a moment’s notice by starting with minimum staffing and designating “on-call” employees for slower shifts or by having a plan to release extra servers as busier shifts begin to slow. Utilize your POS system to track service metrics to make this process more precise over time. The more agile you are willing to be, the quicker you can develop a formula to get the biggest bang for your buck.

Streamline labor

52% of restaurant owners, managers, and executives say that labor costs had a negative impact on their business in 2019. On days when staffing is particularly low, use Muncho kiosks as your “cashiers,” and have your crew use an all-hands-on-deck approach to turn up the heat in the kitchen or to get started early on any side work or deep-cleaning projects. Kiosk “cashiers” also make menu changes in real-time and eliminate the need for unnecessary item cancelations or remakes.

Add customer loyalty programs

Creating incentives to gain returning customers can significantly increase your revenue. Try seasonal or event-themed discounts to drive new business or start a point system that allows customers to collect points for free sides and upgrades that can be tracked with your POS system. Consider adding something like Muncho’s built-in loyalty rewards program to keep your new customers coming back.

Automate Inventory Tracking

Ideally, your restaurant will keep labor costs between 20% and 30% of your total revenue. Do this by using a POS system, like Muncho’s Square, to track and record new product inventory, missing items, and staffing. Your Muncho kiosk can keep you up-to-date on your stock to prevent over or under-ordering. It can also edit menu changes in real-time to prevent food waste due to incorrect and remade orders. Finally, using your kiosk POS system to record footfall will make scheduling your staff easy and efficient.


Where can I find kiosks for my restaurant?

Consider Muncho for your restaurant's self-ordering needs. Muncho’s all-in-one kiosks accept payments, let you order and customize products, and can even print tickets or call order numbers.

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