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What are restaurant kiosks?

Restaurant kiosks are self-ordering systems that allow patrons to make their orders quickly and easily with just a touch of a finger. Kiosks don’t just make ordering easy for patrons, they make ordering easy for the entire restaurant staff. They have also been proven to increase ticket sales by up to 20%. Kiosks are versatile too! Some are present at the table once patrons are seated, while others may be located in the front of a restaurant or in other service areas set aside by the establishment. Keep reading to learn how kiosks can boost your restaurant sales and keep customers coming back.

Why does my restaurant need a kiosk?

Restaurant kiosks are helpful in three main ways. They boost sales, making patrons feel more comfortable and in control of their dining experiences, they increase productivity, allowing employees to focus on accuracy, product quality, and customer experience, and they promote healthful environments by reducing face-to-face contact between patrons and employees.

Boosted Sales

A joint study performed by students from Rotman School of Management, Duke University, and the National University of Singapore showed that without the perceived pressure and judgment from another human being, people felt more comfortable ordering more items and making 14% more customizations. In addition, kiosks automatically upsell menu items, so restaurant owners don’t have to rely on employees to remember to do so. They also track and iterate upsell strategies to ensure success in increased sales.

Increased Productivity

The use of kiosks allows restaurant owners to reduce labor and operational costs without compromising on quality. Relieved of the task of taking orders, restaurant employees are granted more time to focus on crafting high-quality goods and ensuring customer satisfaction. What’s more, since restaurant kiosks are pre-programmed with all product names and add-on options, they eliminate the errors that may arise from miscommunications between patrons and employees. This increases the accuracy of orders and decreases order corrections and remakes. Kiosks are also used by restaurant staff to make quick corrections and real-time menu changes.

Healthful Environments

The demand for kiosks has increased along with the need for safer and healthier indoor spaces. During the height of the Coronavirus pandemic, restaurant kiosks allowed businesses to maintain their clienteles and operate with smaller staff while decreasing the spread of illness. Restaurant kiosks make patrons feel safe while ordering out and freer to enjoy their dining experiences. They also make employees feel protected by their employers and able to focus on their work performance and product quality.


Where can I find kiosks for my restaurant?

Consider Muncho for your restaurant's self-ordering needs. Muncho’s all-in-one kiosks accept payments, let you order and customize products, and can even print tickets or call order numbers.

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