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Muncho Kiosk



Revolutionize upsell through data. Make bigger and smarter sales while saving labor training time and costs. 

The Ultimate User Experience

Beautifully designed, efficient, intuitive, and clean for both customers and employees. Custom display for your shop allows guests to browse the menu intuitively while showing off your best dishes.


Pictures are the best to help customers visualize the menu and simplify the order process.

Items are displayed with detailed descriptions and modifications to answer any possible questions from the customer.


Amplified Savings

Significantly improve staff efficiency, effectively reduce customer wait-time by more than 70%, provide better services with less labor costs and get the best returns on every penny spent. On average, Muncho partners save $7000/month in labor and other operating costs.

Amplified savings

Increased Sales

Our *S-based smart recommendation system, specially customized for each of our partners, recommends items that customers might most likely purchase at checkout and increases sales.
At the same time, our dynamic tipping options increase the amount of tips.
*You can upgrade to our full *S suite to unlock more ways for promotion with finer-grained identification of user preferences.


Customizable Rewards Program

Easily track and motivate customer shopping habits. Implement tailored promotions to keep new customers coming back, convert existing customers to frequent ones and encourage loyal customers to place larger orders.

rewards points

How It Works

Muncho table or counter kiosk tablets.
Muncho order receiving tablet for boba shops
Boba shop preparing the order received through Muncho kiosk
Customer picking up order after using Muncho kiosk

Place Order

Receive Order

Prepare Order



Kiosk Models


You Can Also Add...


Muncho Order Console

Receipt printer

Receipt printer
(2 1/4")

Receipt printer

Receipt printer
(3 3/8")

Label printer

Label printer

Our Partners

Trusted by Our Partners

Costomer Stories

Customer Stories

The Muncho Kiosk is helping us drive a lot of business for the restaurant, and to deal with staff shortages. It's incredibly easy to use. The kiosk also shows pictures and details of the menu items, which our customers love.

- Phim Pha (Owner)

Thai Nakorn

Since minimum wage is getting higher and higher, we decided to give the Muncho kiosk a try. It has helped us save thousands of dollars on hourly wage and increased our turnaround time. 

- Jenda (Owner)

T-Kumi Ramen

The kiosk has immensely helped my staff focus on customer experience and ensuring food quality. They also offer great customer service and provide very personalized, flexible solutions for my business.

- Tim ( Owner)

Tim's Hawaiian BBQ

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