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Muncho is

More than a Kiosk

Make Bigger Sales

Save Labor Costs

Go Contact-Less

Long lines can be great for your restaurant
... Not being able to serve them can be fatal 

You've probably dealt with lunch and dinner rushes. While the rushes drive revenue, not being able to cope with the traffic volume can lead to losing business. It can also leave customers unhappy and damage your restaurant's reputation in the long run. 

Furthermore, peak traffic hours can overwhelm your staff. Maybe it has even forced you to manage staff shortages, spend hours training new employees, and make expenses that are not cost-effective during off-peak hours.

Muncho is dedicated to solving these problems. We want your restaurant to increase ticket sizes, increase staff efficiency, and keep customers happy with Muncho's self-ordering Kiosk system. Take the weight off of your staff's shoulder with the kiosk and let them focus on the things that matter: making quality food and customer service. 

Let us help you boost revenue. If you're having issues with staffing and long queues, Muncho is the right solution for you. We have tailored solutions for your fast-casual restaurant, cafe, boba shop, dessert shop, or food truck. Technology and customer preferences are shifting, it's time for your business to adapt!

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